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For A Foreigner: A Tourist; A Visiting Business Person; A Sport Fan

Are you planning a trip to Lithuania? Do you have Lithuanian roots? Are you interested in Lithuania? Do you want to learn Lithuanian language? Are you planning to start your business in Lithuania? Do you want to come for a study period at Lithuanian universities? Are you interested in Lithuanian culture? Do you want to establish partnerships with Lithuanians? Are you looking for your relatives in Lithuania? Do you need information, help or advise?

If your answer is YES to any of these questions, then you are on the good path. We could help you, please read the information given below.

For A TOURIST – for your arrival needs in Lithuania

Before coming to Lithuania

Where is Lithuania? How to reach it?

There are many debates on where is the geographical centre of Europe, different opinions are based on different measurements, but one of the places is called Bernotai or Purnuškės, and it is close to the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius.
Some brave people come to Lithuania in not that ordinary way (by plane, train, car, bus…), for example, some do it by bike, like Wouter from Belgium …

Why to choose Lithuania? 7 reasons at least:

  1. Be original! Everybody goes to Spain, Italy, Greece.. - choose something different!
  2. Because of snow and white Christmas (especially for people coming from the southern countries).
  3. It is not completely “westernized” yet, and with some soviet trace.
  4. Even a student “budget” is enough for travel and stay here.
  5. There are many interesting places to see!
  6. To find out on your own what Lithuania is about, instead of listening to others.
  7. To meet all other strangers you decided to come here too.

What are Lithuanians like?

The recent news say that Lithuanians are ambitious, though still naive in some sense. Earlier the common description of Lithuanians was: modest, stubborn, naive farmers. Lithuanians are a bit superstitious about: number 13, black cat on the road, full moon, broken mirror.

Where to stay? What is the reasonable price and conditions?

The accommodation is not cheap in Lithuania, especially in good hotels, like “Kaunas”, “Best Western Santaka” or “Daniela”, the overnight stay is from 350 Lt/night, middle-class guest houses or hotels like “Apple Economy Hotel” – from 135 Lt/night, a quite cheap stay though not in the center - "Sporto centras", you could get a single room for only 70Lt/night. Private accommodation is available too, you can book it via realty-estate agency. Non-contract flat/room rent offers are listed in classifieds of the local newspapers.

Arrival and stay in Lithuania

Airport pick-up service

You could be met upon arrival to Vilnius airport or Kaunas Karmėlava airport and taken to the hotel or other place of stay. English speaking driver – information and ride all in one.

How to travel around?

Hitch-hiking is quite popular among young Lithuanians, but it is not recommended for girls to travel alone. Buses are the most convenient way, though, be sure to catch the last bus around 7 p.m., the transport to the countryside is not that frequent. Trains are rather slow and uncomfortable. Car rent is available at the airport and in major cities. The country roads are not adjusted for bikers, also there is no existing biking-lane in city.

Translation and interpretation service

Translation of general documents (letters, brochures, articles, invitations, e-mails, faxes, other), also academic and technical documents.

Lithuanian – English – Lithuanian
Lithuanian – Spanish – Lithuanian
some basic German

Interpretation service.

Buddy system

To guide you in the city during your stay in Kaunas.

General information, information on studies and language courses, visa information, health insurance, employment information (work license) and other – to be sent by e-mail on personal request.

"A welcome to a new country" guide/brochure
To be presented later.

Special Courses
To be presented later.

For A VISITING BUSINESS PERSON – New Business Partnerships: Lithuania

Analysis and report writing on Lithuanian companies you are interested to cooperate with

In English, Spanish, French and German languages

Initiating cooperation between your company and Lithuanian companies


Organisation of the meeting

Translation services

Assisting with your company's production and services promotion to potential customers/clients

Provision of information about annual regional, national and international fairs / exhibitions

Organising your trip to any city in Lithuania for business meeting

Pick-up service at the airport and arrival to Kaunas

Hotel reservation

Excursion in Kaunas and other places in Lithuania

Translation and interpretation service

Translation of general documents (letters, brochures, articles, invitations, e-mails, faxes, other).

Lithuanian – English – Lithuanian
Lithuanian – Spanish – Lithuanian
some basic German

Interpretation service: during business meetings

LIVING AND WORKING in Lithuania (Kaunas)

Provision of general information

Preparation of the brochures or other e-form material about Lithuania

Organisation of an "Orientation week" upon arrival to Lithuania (Kaunas)

Organisation of the excursions inside Lithuania, visiting major cities, and the most interesting cultural and nature sights

Help with application and completion of all employment documents (Lithuanian Labour Exchange)

Help with application and completion of Visa/ Temporary residence permit (TRP) application (Migration department)

Provision of information about studies and language courses

Special Courses
To be presented later.

For A SPORT FAN – major tournaments held in Lithuania

Basketball is still the 2nd religion in Lithuania, but new football era is approaching :)... Are you following your football dream-team to the qualifiers held in Lithuania?

Information to be sent by e-mail on personal request.