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About Lithuania in Europe: inter-cultural service, partnerships and business

Information – specific, relevant, well-timed and trusted in these days is of a great value. It could be your friend on a social basis as well as your personal advantage on a competitive basis.

We would like to introduce to you a website, designed for foreign guests, planning a visit to Lithuania, and for Lithuanians, working with international companies and people.

The aim is to spread and disseminate the information about Lithuania, to invite and encourage people from all over the world to visit our country, to get to know our traditions and culture. To answer by e-mail the questions foreign guests have, while planning a holiday or a business trip to Lithuania. To help Lithuanian businessmen to establish and develop their business, while finding foreign partners, investors and clients.

Holiday or business meeting in Lithuania? Tournaments held in Lithuania? In-country service and help. Top 7 Lists.

Are you planning a trip to Lithuania? Do you have Lithuanian roots? Are you interested in Lithuania? Do you want to learn Lithuanian language? Are you planning to start your business in Lithuania? Do you want to come for a study period at Lithuanian universities? Are you interested in Lithuanian culture? Do you want to establish partnerships with Lithuanians? Are you looking for your relatives in Lithuania? Do you need information, help or advise?

We will help you to discover Lithuania! Use our knowledge and experience.

Implemented projects in 2007:

Foreign students' internships in Lithuanian companies.

Market research on Odontology services in Kaunas.